Our purpose, vision, values and operating philosophy reflect our optimism for the future

As part of Great American’s European Division we’re proud to offer superior service and a history of financial strength. 

Our employees operate under the following values.

Client Focus – Clients’ perspectives and business aims are the driving force behind our insurance companies’ business activities. We build and nurture strategic client relationships and provide services to meet their particular needs, challenges and goals.

Specialisation – Our insurance companies provide insurance products where we have significant knowledge on particular lines of business or customer groups and can focus on markets which offer the greatest prospects for long term profitable growth.

Integrity – Our insurance companies are honest in assessing risks and recognise that honest, open communication fosters trust and respect within our company and in our business relationships.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – We combine a “small company” entrepreneurial atmosphere – the ability to respond to opportunities unique to a particular market niche – with the benefit of expertise and the economies of scale of a larger business through Great American Insurance Group.